Any day now

May 13, 2008 at 10:57 pm (Rough Writer) (, )

The tighter I bind her to me, the closer she is to her freedom… With every knot and every touch, she is released.

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Contempt of Beauty

May 5, 2008 at 5:59 pm (Rough Writer) (, , , , )

She sits behind the wheel. Her arrogance is cosmetically painted on her face as she looks into the mirror on her sun visor. I see her, and I hate that the words springing forth from my lips are contemptuous. But I speak them without shame. Hello, whore. Do you know for whom you whore yourself? Her empty glance seems to hear my thoughts, but only does her despicable vanity stare back. The whore seeks her opportunity. The light changes and she is gone amongst the parade of slags.

Her figure is a perfect curve from breast to toe; every one of her features extols the erotic lightning striking forth from her very soul. She walks as an object. She knows her purpose. She accepts herself as a creature built for pleasure, for reproduction, for Him. When subject to ridicule, her sex becomes wet. Her pleasure mounts from the privilege to obey. Bound in her vestments—heels high, hobbles tight, sheer hosiery clinging to her supple thighs—she is dressed for her Owner. She, too, a whore. But a whore who no longer seeks for herself.

Beauty as external reflection lies and separates. Beauty as truth deceives not.

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In line

April 22, 2008 at 4:48 pm (Rough Writer) ()

I stand behind her, gazing upon the silken locks of her hair. My starving hands reach for her dark mane, and as I pull taut gently she looks up at me. Our eyes engage briefly. I yank her mercilessly into my lap, where her round buttocks wait for my hand.

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Is my flesh acceptable, Master?

April 22, 2008 at 4:39 pm (Assignments) (, , , , , )

Items Needed

digital camera
vegetable – carrot, cucumber or similar
sex toys if necessary
full-length mirror

This is an exercise designed to instill both a sense of value to the submissive in terms of her body image, and to explore offering it in totality to your dominant. you will explore playful objectification, exhibitionism and forced masturbation in an effort to submit your physical body to your dominant for his pleasure.


The task is to be completed over three days. Each day you will report your experience. Each night you are to sleep naked. Each day you are to dress without undergarments.


Day 1:
Today you will begin by waking up naked. In preparation, you have slept naked. you will kneel upon awakening for 15 minutes in contemplation of the task ahead. Consider what you wish to gain from the exercise. After kneeling, you will stand naked before a full length mirror and observe your body (front, back and sides) for no less than 10 minutes, no more than 15. What do you like about it? What do you dislike? Then you will write about your body from head to toe. Consider it an opportunity to display yourself, providing details about each area of your body. After dressing, you will photograph the areas you discovered to be uncomfortable for you to look at or describe to your dominant. you will send these images to him. Then you will dress and go about your day. At night, you are to masturbate to full climax.

Day 2:
Kneel for 15 minutes upon awakening in contemplation of your flesh, your sexuality and the task thus far. After kneeling you are to gaze upon your body in the mirror. Recall the previous day’s writing. How has your image of your body changed, if at all, since yesterday? Once you have finished (10 minutes minimum), you are to choose your favorite sexual opening, and you will insert the vegetable inside it. you will take a photograph of the opening with the vegetable inside it, which is to be sent to your dominant. At the end of the day you will masturbate to full climax twice.

Day 3:
Today begins in the same manner as Day 2. you are to kneel upon awakening for 15 minutes, contemplating the task thus far, as well as your feelings about the remainder of it. After kneeling, you will stand again before the mirror, concentrating on your erotic areas. you may touch these areas as you look at yourself. When finished (take at least 10 minutes), you will write a description of your sexual openings – your mouth, your anus and your vagina. In describing them, please focus on how they are available to your dominant, your attitudes about them, and what purpose they serve for him. When you have completed this writing, you will fill each of these openings with a sex toy or phallic object and masturbate to full climax. When you have climaxed, you will take a picture of each of your sexual openings as a gift for your dominant. Enjoy the notion that they have been recently filled and pleasured, and in this manner they are ripe for him. Then you will go on with your day. At night, you will kneel again for 15 minutes, reviewing the task itself. When finished, you will again fill your all of sexual openings with a phallic object as you masturbate to full climax three times.


All writing and images should be sent to your dominant each day of the task. The writing should be 500 words minimum per day.

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Celebrity Slave Training: Naomi Campbell

April 10, 2008 at 2:46 pm (Celebrity Slave Training) (, , , , , , )

Naomi CampbellIt has been a long while since I have posted anything, which makes me a very bad blogger. My inspiration came from the sheer disdain I felt the other day when I began to think about the recent antics of Naomi Campbell. I was aware the aging model had a behavior problem, but I had forgotten about it until she hit the news for spitting on an officer in London during an altercation. It was alleged that Campbell tossed racial epithets, calling the officer a “white slag.” Hmmm….

I would invite Campbell to attend our workshop where she would be broken of her sense of entitlement and taught to accept herself for the worthless piece of human flesh she seems to behave like. We would certainly begin with a rigorous regimen designed to instill in her a true sense of her worth. We would write upon her body “SLAG” and she would be forced to masturbate as our staff projected their own spittle onto her bare flesh. Afterwards it would be off to the stockade, where the officer involved in the embroilment would be allowed to paddle and whip Campbell until she proffered an apology and begged for the treatment of the just. Then would we encourage the officer to use a strapon to show the real slag who is boss.

It might also be useful to highlight the flawed areas of Campbell’s body with a marking pen or lipstick, with particular attention paid to the areas ravaged by age. As part of our work furlough program, Campbell would be made to work at McDonald’s during the days as she endured the final phases of her humiliation training at night, with regular visits from the officer in question.

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Accepting the gag

March 1, 2008 at 4:27 pm (Rough Writer) (, , , , )

She rests poised on her hands and knees, such careful thought to her attendant posture. I approach her with the gag and she raises her head slightly. Her mouth opens in silence to accept it. I stroke her back as she purrs against my thigh. I wait for her drool to form and run along the slippery wet round red ball. For a moment I am captive, and for the rest of the time she is mine.

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Lisa Lynette Clark: In Need of Training

February 22, 2008 at 5:25 pm (Celebrity Slave Training) (, , , , , )

Lisa Lynette ClarkAgain, we are scouring the bottom of the entire notion of celebrity, avoiding the obvious antics (for now) of Paris, Nicole, Britney and Lindsay. This week delivers a fine candidate for celebrity slave training, straight from Google’s Zeitgeist volcanic list. Lisa Lynette Clark was released from prison today. Her activity with the 15 year old boy who was friend’s with her son was scandalous to say the least. Setting aside the legal and moral issues, I can’t help but find arousal in my loins for the whole MILF and cougar fantasy that made both headlines and internet porn legend and dream.

Since she is now free to walk the earth, we would suggest a 5-day stay at the celebrity slave training academy, where she would fulfill the fantasy of every young man who wanted to indulge. Since she was audacious enough to deliver a child while behind bars, we would begin her training as a full-fledged breeder, where we would attach a constant nipple suction device to train her nipples for suckling all the babies she would be forced to have, and then she would endure a strict milking regime, followed by insemination at hourly intervals.

Her offspring would be nursed at her breast for a reasonable period, and then they would be taken to the orphanage for adoption to families who are having difficulty conceiving. We feel there is so much potential for a wanton slut like Clark, and she would certainly fulfill the insatiable appetites of our staff as she was used throughly as a sex toy for our staff and guests.

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Bound Tightly

February 22, 2008 at 1:08 pm (Rough Writer)

She circles me, sleek and cat-like, crawling on her hands and knees. I run the tip of the crop along her back, tapping her with it to adjust her posture. Soon I will bind her tightly, with rope to my soul. When she cannot move we are both free.

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m’s Punishment

February 7, 2008 at 9:38 pm (Rough Writer) (, , , , )

I recently had to effect a punishment on my dear girl, and I was moved to share a message to her after she had accepted and performed it. Part of her punishment aroused for her some very difficult feelings, but she seemed to come through unscathed (after some delicate discussion). As part of her punishment she was made to read blogs written by submissives and report to me about them. She came across an article about punishment that I thought I would share here.


I was reading through your emails, etc., checking the blogs and so forth.

I am primarily most interested in your link to the site, and I was intrigued by the fact that you have some sense that you might be offering something that will ultimately cause you to have to grow, because you are well aware that it will cause you pain or discomfort. In reference to a portion of this article entitled “Principles of Punishment,” I would posit that I do sense sometimes you are responding to appease me rather than remaining open to communication. This, I notice, occurs when you appear to disagree with my own interpretation of your behavior or attitude. What will be required, I might think, would be for me to acknowledge when I see this happening, and to see if we can’t work through the difficulty with communication rather than my “forcing” you to back down (which you do without my forcing you) in an effort to make peace and gain my approval.

I was interested in this article, and I had some thoughts about the length of your punishment as being proportionate to the infraction. I wonder if you felt it lasted long enough, or if you felt it was too long. I know you felt it pervading, and perhaps impractical for the reality of your day-to-day life. But I wonder if (as the article suggests) the duration was properly timed. The article reads, “Ideally, punishments should be designed so the sense of loss associated with them ends at the same time the punishment does.” Can you speak to this statement in relation to your experience of it?

My ideas about punishment (I hope I have shared these to some extent with you) are based on what I have read and what I have experienced. There is a disjunction between what I read about it in terms of philosophy and how it plays out. On one hand, I do not like punishment. I do not like to be put in a position to have to dole it out. It is the last thing I want to do. On the other hand, it does work. And as it does work, so do I get a thrill from having to create and oversee a “punishment.” The thrill comes from your acceptance of the punishment, and the pleasure I get from seeing you make great efforts to atone, to improve, to learn and to better yourself. As I said during the period, I felt I had grown closer to you as a result of seeing you respond to your “punishment.” I must also say I really want to avoid the act of punishing for the derivation of these erotically charged feelings, which I find to be both distasteful yet oddly pleasant (punishment, not the thrill I describe). I also see that in a D/s relationship, the framework itself is rather based in elements that seem punitive, strict or severe. To the outsider, this must appear very obvious.

The other thing I would mention is the idea that punishments should be disincentives and they should be unpleasant. I agree with this. The fact that you showed me clearly the difficulty you have in being forbidden to wear underwear has, of course, revealed something I now know to be unpleasant for you—so unpleasant that it is a very good disincentive for you. However, I am troubled by that, as I feel that you should actually experience the act of wearing panties as punishment. To please me, and to actually benefit from the experience proffered by your exposure, you should always be without panties. This poses an interesting problem. I will say that I accept your difficulty with this, and I am not stating that you should go around feeling as though you are somehow failing me unless you can overcome this aversion. But I do wish to work with you to uncover the emotional and psychosexual causes for your aversion to the experience of being without that layer of protection. What I am trying to say is that despite the fact that I know how not wearing panties is unpleasant for you, it does not necessarily make for a good way of punishing you, because I want very much for you to be without panties as way to please me and to enhance your own experience of pleasure in doing so. To enact what pleases me as punishment is not an effective method to get where we want to go.


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Discipline from the top to the bottom

January 31, 2008 at 4:49 pm (Rough Writer) (, , , , )

In the course of your D/s relationship, there will be high points. Very high points. They will likely outnumber the difficult times. These, however, will be part of the journey. As a matter of this course, you as the Dominant will have to carefully weigh the many factors involved in offering guidance and a strong hand, tempered with the sometimes difficult responsibility of doling out discipline and at hopefully fewer intervals, punishment. I am interested to hear from both tops and bottoms with regard to personal experiences. As a top, is it difficult to offer corrections, institute rules, and punish when absolutely necessary? As a sub, how do you respond emotionally to such?

I recently came across a list of favorites at a Thinking Dominant‘s Blog for a Dom to consider, particularly in the context of what they have to bring to a D/s relationship. I found that type of information to be quite helpful to inspire and energize the discussion going on in my own head, for I relate to being a thinking dom. Thanks for that.

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